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Wagon Wheel White , Offset +1 (1 piece) Maximize

Wagon Wheel White , Offset +1 (1 piece)

High detailed plastic Injected 1,9 wheel made of resistant ABS.

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Wagon Stamp Wheel white

Wagon Stamp Wheel white  
High detailed plastic Injected 1,9 wheel made of resistant ABS. 
The mounting system needs NO hexagon but fits all axles of Tamiya TLT-1, TA-01/TA-02, CC-01, CR-01, Lossi RC-18 mini crawler and Axial SC-10 , simply remove the hex and fit the wheel in making the pin to match the slot.   On axial axles you need some washers between wheel and nut, check this picture: scrub radius  

Because of no hex, the SDI Wagon Wheels can play with diferent offsets and give a classic "deep dish" look , S.D.I. Offset measutement is allways compared to the touring car tamiya wheels offset ( touring cars wheels are offset 0 , high lift/pajero/jeep/hummer are offset + 2).

In other words: SDI Wagon Wheel +1 will give you practically same width as tamiya high lift wheels ( just 1 mm less each side ) but will have a big "deep dish" classic truck wheel look.

Negative offsets will help to get your tires avoid rubbing or nicelly get under the fenders on suspension travel.


scrub radius

In real cars, the Scrub Radius is the distance between the Steering Axis (given by inclined KingPin) and the tire contact surface centerline as per shown in this image:

In theory , for a optimum steering, this distance must be zero, nevertheless most manufacturers make this distance not zero cause it will affect the handling of the vehicle , positive and negative scrub radius are commonly used depending on many factors (front or rear drive , understeer or oversteer preferences...), but in any case this distance is allways very small in real cars.

Please check this article about Scrub Radius in SUVs and Light Trucks ,specially the comparisons page


If you take a look to the tables of the article's "Comparisons" page you will see that the maximum positive Scrub Radius they use is 54.8 mm (2,16 in). Then, converting this value to RC world on 1:10 scale, we get 5.5 milimeters.

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Now take a look on your tipical tamiya TLT-1 Axle

Because KingPin is not inclined and we have the fat hexagon as wheel mounting system , the distance from the Steering Axis to the center of wheel with regular tamiya +2 offset is about 19 milimeters, almost 4 times bigger of the maximum scrub radius for real SUVs !!!

This huge positive scrub radius has some negative side effects:

a.- you need higher torque servo to steer.
b.- your front tires will move so much back and forward as you steer which:

1.- can make you loose stability trialing on dificult terrain as you steer the wheels.
2.- makes easier to break steering parts if your tire gets locked on rocks and you keep pushing the steering.
3.- makes easier to rub your fenders when suspension is compressed and steering together.
4.- is not cool, or scale.

So, negative offsets SDI Wagon Wheels will help not only to get a scaled narrowed look, but also, will help to get better steering geometries.

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Wagon Wheel White , Offset +1 (1 piece)

Wagon Wheel White , Offset +1 (1 piece)

High detailed plastic Injected 1,9 wheel made of resistant ABS.

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